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ichard Brancker Research Ltd. has worked with many government agencies (e.g., Environment Canada, Health Canada) and private companies providing electronic equipment for scientific research, production testing, automation and monitoring. more...

Data Loggers

TR-1050 sporting a titanium body
Our most recent line of single - channel temperature recorder (TR-1050s) has 0.05 m°C resolution and ±3m°C accuracy. more...

XR-420 clad in Delrin (TM)We also have a new series of multi - channel data loggers (XR-420 Series), which record a combination of the following: (up to 24 channels) temperature; depth; tide levels; conductivity; turbidity; fluorescence, PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation), pH, or DO (Dissolved Oxygen).

Click here for the full line of RBR products.

EMF Surveys

RBR conducts electromagnetic field surveys. Developed under contract with the Radiation Protection Bureau of VDT survey meter, not a squash racketHealth Canada, RBR now offers this service for those interested in knowing the radiation levels of video display terminals (VDTs), electrical rooms, electrical panels, microwave ovens, etc.

Click here for our services page for more information or e-mail us to set up a time to survey your work environment or home.

Test Equipment
RBR has designed and manufactured surge generators, capable of generating a high voltage pulse (up to 5,000 Volts). On a recent contract with Nortel Networks, this test equipment was used for testing the durability of telecommunication equipment. These surge generators can test any electronic circuitry which, when deployed, is open to a possible lightning strikes. Contact us for specs and purchase information.
Wave Gauge
WG-50 in classic Brancker yellowThe Model WG-10 wave gauge was originally designed by the National Water Research Institute of Environment Canada. Redesigned and manufactured under license by RBR it is sold as the WG-50.
Mining / Drilling
RBR has designed and manufactured a bore hole depth locator: BH-30. It is designed to locate the exact location of pilot holes that have failed to intersect a drift or other accessible target area. Range: up to 45 feet.
Biological Instrumentation
RBR has recently released a  third generation albumen height gauge, the new AG-30.

RBR has developed a two or thee axis stage drive for Olympus microscopes: SD-100.

If you already know our product line and would like the latest data sheets and manuals, or would like to view the data sheets on some of our older equipment, then click here


Oceanographic Equipment
Custom oceanographic equipment has been the Pacific Geo-science Centre Logosubject of many years of R+D at RBR. We have designed and manufactured custom electronics for the 'popped' CORKPacific Geo-science Centre (of Natural Resources Canada) for their scientific  research. In particular, RBR has designed and manufactured the electronics of three key instruments: CORK Logger; T-Tool (DVTP); and Heat Probe.
Trade Conferences
click for more on OiAmericas 2001RBR oceanographic equipment will be on display in booth 823 at the OiAmericas 2001 conference in Miami Beach, April 3-5. Come visit us and check out our new lines of data loggers and wave gauges.
Sci Research + RBR Equipment
View reports and descriptions of the scientific research involving RBR electronics. We have also collected some hyperlinks to excellent third party descriptions of our equipment. more...
Current R+D
On-going research at RBR includes work on a suite of software programs used for object recognition and image analysis on microscope slides to find and count those chromosomes damaged by radiation.

deployed CORK schematicDue to the success of the CORK Logger, RBR is now developing an advanced CORK Logger or A-CORK. Improvements include ability to monitor pressures at a number of discrete levels in sub-sea formations, and temperatures at a greater number of levels and to a greater degree of accuracy. For some deployment pictures on the CORK page, click on the schematic. For the preliminary scientific report on the A-CORK see: Advanced CORKs for the 21st Century.

RBR is also collaborating on ground-breaking research on a multi-axis motion sensor to permit automation of ground scanning radar which detects buried objects (e.g., pipes and mines).

RBR is also a collaborator on designing an oximeter (a device that measures the oxygen content of blood by passing a beam of light through the finger).

Past R+D
Much of RBR's past contracted research and development leads to quality products ready for the market. The research for the specialized deep-sea technology of the oceanographic instruments has been put to use in the latest lines of RBR data loggers. Some other areas in which RBR has done research and development are: micro-electronics; communications technology; security equipment; biological instrumentation; and EMF Surveys.
RBR agents around the worldRichard Brancker Research Ltd. has agents around the world, which serve as local representatives for RBR products. more...
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